Globestock Refurbs

We recommend that our products are inspected by a competent person on at least a six monthly basis, as per the guidelines detailed in the manuals issued with each piece of equipment. If the equipment is subjected to a harsh environment, it may require inspection on a more frequent schedule.

We also recommend that the products below are serviced annually by either ourselves or one of our fully trained & authorised service agents. During an annual service the equipment will be fully inspected, tested and re-certified before being returned to you.

  • G.Saver II
  • G.Guard
  • G.Stop
  • G.Stop7
  • G.Tripod
  • G.Winch

It is also essential that, should a fall arrest occur, the equipment involved is withdrawn from service immediately and not used until it has been re-certified as safe to use.

For more information regarding product servicing, or to find out who your nearest authorised service agent is, please get in touch or complete the service booking form.